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Integrated Photonics for Quantum Technologies and a Pathway Forward

Photonics bring a set of possibilities that have great potential and proven contributions to the field of quantum technologies. This recent paper by researchers from Tyndall National Institute, University of Technology Sydney, MIT, and more shows the value that integrated photonics brings to quantum systems and discuss what applications may become possible in the future by overcoming the current roadblocks. More specifically, they delve upon the development of quantum photonic integrated circuits, which can be monolithically, hybrid or heterogeneously integrated. They go on to provide an overview of the research landscape and discuss the innovation and market potential – a topic that may fascinate those who would like to catch a glimpse of the high-level progress and scope of the current quantum field. Another motivation for this article comes from outlining the steps needed for the field to enter into manufacturing infrastructure, developing supply chains, and in general delivering these technologies to the market.

The photonics sector has come long ways in their 20 year journey, demonstrating quantum advantage and space-to-ground quantum communication. Next step for them is scalability of their architecture, however, inspirations from classical photonics are making fertile working grounds for stable, long-term quantum platforms.

One of the highlighting actors of the paper is quantum photonic integrated circuits (qPICs). qPIC architecture includes nonlinear optics, quantum light sources, quantum memories (inspirations developed based on cavity quantum electrodynamics or circuit quantum electrodynamics – cQED), superconducting nanowires, and control elements (classical and photonical). The paper also compares thoroughly different frameworks on the basis of compatibility with a range of basic quantum optics platforms.

The research paper can be found and downloaded for free here:

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