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University of Toronto Quantum Computing Group


Quantum Computing, An Evolving Field

Quantum computing has grown exponentially in the past decade. Our mission is to cement the communities of UofT, Toronto, and Canada on the quantum computing map by bringing together students and experts in the field.

Through educational materials, seminars and events, we aspire to generate interest in the entire quantum computing stack: quantum hardware, quantum error correction and quantum algorithms.



The University of Toronto Quantum Computing Group serves to bring together the UofT Quantum Computing community, as well as to introduce Quantum Computing to all those who are interested. As a rich resource hub and a professional development group, we provide seminars, talks, and crash courses, making cutting edge-research in academia accessible to the undergraduate community.

Students of all backgrounds are encouraged to join and learn with us from |0⟩ up.

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What we offer

Seminar Series

Join our beginner friendly seminar series to learn everything from quantum key distribution to superconducting qubits.


Being an academic club at heart, we are constantly producing educational opportunities for our members to grow. Workshop features some of our most experienced instructors to curate difficulty concepts from quantum computing in a most digestible way

Female Students
College Student

Quantum Connect

Connect with guest professors or grad students during our social events over some board games, pizza, or tea!

Upcoming Events

  • QuiP: A Quantum Computing Industry Panel
    Sat, Nov 20
    Accessible via Zoom
    Nov 20, 2021, 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. EST
    Accessible via Zoom
    Come to QuiP! An unique student-to-industry platform where all the frontier researchers in the field of quantum computing come together and present you a full picture of the cutting-edge research as well as employment opportunity!

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